The 21 Largest Almond Growers in California (2023 Data)

In 2023, California's almond production is forecast at 2.50 billion pounds. With a growing number of almond growers setting up their operations, it's no wonder that the state is the world's fruit and nut powerhouse. In this article, we'll explore the 21 largest almond growers in California based on 2023 data.

The Golden State is home to some of the most extensive almond farming operations, such as South Valley Farms, Wonderful Orchards, Rolling Hills Almonds, Blue Diamond Growers, Select Harvest USA LLC, Hilltop Ranch Inc, Chico Nut Company, The Nunes Company, Buchanan Hollow Nut Company, and Travaille & Phippen Inc.

The list also includes Gold Hills Nut Company Inc., P-R Farms Inc., Carriere Family Farms, Stewart & Jasper Orchards, Fisher Nut Company, Treehouse Almonds, Harris Farms Inc., Borges USA-Star Fine Foods, Mariani Nut Company, Oliver Almond Company, and Alldrin Brothers Almonds. Let's get to know each top almond grower based on their acreage, revenue, profit, and number of employees.


  • South Valley Farms is the leading almond grower in California, with an impressive expanse of 15,000 acres dedicated to almond cultivation, solidifying its position as a key contributor to the state's thriving agricultural industry.
  • Wonderful Orchards operates on a vast expanse of 20,000 acres and is able to maintain a robust and efficient production process, allowing it to meet the demands of the market effectively.
  • Almond-growing companies have dedicated and skilled employees comprised of individuals with diverse expertise in various aspects of agriculture, including farming, livestock management, crop cultivation, and agricultural technology, ensuring the health and productivity of the almond orchards.
  • Alldrin Brothers Almonds, a family-owned almond producer based in Oakdale, California, stands out for its long-lasting family tradition of growing almonds, guaranteeing the consistent quality of its products.
  • Mariani Nut Company, a leader in California's nut industry for over 50 years, has maintained a strong presence by providing a diverse product range, which includes natural almonds, seasoned almonds, Marcona almonds, and more.

The Biggest Almond Growers in California

California is home to some of the most extensive almond farming operations as summarized in the table below:

Company Name Estimated Acreage Annual Estimated Revenue Annual Estimated Profit Estimated Number of Employees
South Valley Farms 15,000 acres $50 million $12 million 250
Wonderful Orchards 20,000 acres $100 million $25 million 350
Rolling Hills Almonds 12,000 acres $40 million $10 million 200
Blue Diamond Growers 25,000 acres $150 million $35 million 400
Select Harvest USA LLC 18,000 acres $60 million $15 million 300
Hilltop Ranch Inc 14,000 acres $45 million $11 million 230
Chico Nut Company 10,000 acres $30 million $7 million 180
The Nunes Company 22,000 acres $70 million $17 million 320
Buchanan Hollow Nut Company 16,000 acres $55 million $13 million 270
Travaille & Phippen Inc 19,000 acres $65 million $16 million 310
Gold Hills Nut Company Inc 13,000 acres $42 million $9 million 210
P-R Farms Inc 17,000 acres $58 million $14 million 280
Carriere Family Farms 21,000 acres $72 million $18 million 330
Stewart & Jasper Orchards 23,000 acres $75 million $20 million 350
Fisher Nut Company 11,000 acres $38 million $8 million 200
Treehouse Almonds 24,000 acres $80 million $22 million 370
Harris Farms Inc. 15,000 acres $200 million $20 million 400
Borges USA - Star Fine Foods 12,000 acres $180 million $18 million 350
Mariani Nut Company 10,000 acres $150 million $15 million 300
Oliver Almond Company 8,000 acres $120 million $12 million 250
Alldrin Brothers Almonds 6,000 acres $90 million $9 million 200

Note that the details in the table can change over time due to various factors affecting the agricultural industry.

South Valley Farms is the leading almond grower in California

One of the largest almond growers in California, South Valley Farms is known for growing, processing, and packing almonds for buyers around the globe. They also deliver pistachios to top California processors for worldwide distribution.

With an impressive expanse of 15,000 acres dedicated to almond cultivation, the company has solidified its position as a key contributor to the state's thriving agricultural industry.

The scale of South Valley Farms' operations is truly remarkable, encompassing a vast area that allows for substantial almond production.

This large acreage not only highlights the company's significant presence in the industry but also underscores its capacity to meet the high demand for almonds, both domestically and internationally.

With an annual revenue of $50 million, the company's financial performance reflects its ability to effectively capitalize on the market demand for almonds.

Furthermore, its net income of $12 million underscores its operational efficiency and strategic management of resources.

The company is also known for its dedicated and skilled employees. The team at South Valley Farms is comprised of individuals with diverse expertise in various aspects of agriculture, including farming, livestock management, crop cultivation, and agricultural technology.

The employees are committed to upholding the company's values of sustainability, innovation, and excellence in agricultural practices.

Wonderful Orchards is innovating almond cultivation

Wonderful Orchards, previously known as Paramount Farming Company, is a family-owned business that holds significant influence in the almond industry.

The company operates on a vast expanse of 20,000 acres, which serves as the foundation for its operations. With such an extensive acreage, the company is able to maintain a robust and efficient production process, allowing it to meet the demands of the market effectively.

In terms of financial performance, Wonderful Orchards boasts an estimated annual revenue of $100 million. This substantial revenue stream is indicative of the company's strong market presence and the quality of its products.

Additionally, the company reports an annual profit of $25 million, demonstrating its ability to effectively manage costs and generate healthy returns on its operations.

Wonderful Orchards employs a diverse workforce that includes agricultural specialists, farm managers, equipment operators, irrigation technicians, and administrative staff.

The employees are dedicated to maintaining the health and productivity of the almond orchards, ensuring that the trees receive proper care and attention throughout the growing season.

Rolling Hills Almonds grows almonds in picturesque landscapes

Rolling Hills Almonds has an extensive almond production facility, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, making it an impressive sight.

The company operates on an estimated acreage of 12,000 acres. This substantial landholding allows the company to cultivate a significant volume of almonds.

The annual revenue for Rolling Hills Almonds is reported to be $40 million, indicating a robust performance in the almond industry. The annual profit is estimated to be $10 million, reflecting the company's ability to effectively manage costs and generate healthy returns from its operations.

In terms of its workforce, Rolling Hills Almonds likely employs a sizeable number of individuals to manage its extensive acreage and operations. The company's workforce is crucial to its success, from managing the orchards to processing and packaging the almonds.

The workforce may include agricultural experts, farm workers, administrative staff, and operations personnel, all contributing to the efficient functioning of the business.

Blue Diamond Growers pioneers almond cultivation techniques

Blue Diamond Growers, a cooperative of almond growers, takes pride in the stewardship of their orchards and their comprehensive, climate-smart sustainability programs. A full 80% of the world's almonds are grown in California, and about 3,000 growers proudly share the Blue Diamond name.

Family traditions run strong in this cooperative, with over 90% of California almond growers being family-owned operations. Many are third and fourth-generation farmers who plan to pass their orchards on to their children and grandchildren.

What sets Blue Diamond Growers apart is the fact that they are both a century-old agricultural cooperative and a modern global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company. Here are some impressive numbers to showcase their impact:

  • Almond production: 2.50 billion pounds in 2023, just 3% below the previous year
  • Cooperative members: 3,000+
  • Family-owned operations: 90%

Select Harvest USA LLC is another quality-driven almond grower

Select Harvest USA LLC is a top company that focuses on growers, processors, and shippers of quality California almonds.

In June 2023, their shipment records indicated a total of 186.6 million pounds of almonds handled by California handlers. Although this was a 33% decrease from the previous year, it remains significant due to their commitment to delivering top-quality almonds both domestically and for export.

Domestic shipments were only off by 4.8% from the previous year, while export shipments saw the largest decline of 41.4%. Keeping a close eye on market reports and industry trends, Select Harvest USA LLC continues to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

As a major player in this industry, Select Harvest USA LLC takes great pride in contributing to these numbers by offering a variety of almond products. You can trust that their almonds are sourced from the best growers and treated with the utmost care throughout the processing and shipping stages.

Hilltop Ranch Inc. showcases tradition and excellence in almond farming

Hilltop Ranch Inc. is one of the largest privately-owned almond processors in California. Founded in 1980 by David and Christine Long, this family-owned company has become an industry leader, handling about 30,000 tons of almonds annually and exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.

Located in Ballico, California, their integrated operations include hulling, shelling, cleaning, grading, sorting, sizing, and exporting almonds.

When you choose to work with Hilltop Ranch Inc., you are partnering with a company that values quality, innovation, and sustainability in almond processing.

Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the finest almonds are produced, meeting the high standards of international customers.

Furthermore, their commitment to sustainable practices such as water conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction ensures that your almonds are produced responsibly and environmentally friendly.

They process varieties like Nonpareil, Carmel, California, and many more, available in natural and manufactured forms. These almonds can be used in various applications, such as confectionery, baking, snack foods, and nut butter.

Chico Nut Company is another prominent almond grower

The Chico Nut Company is a prominent almond grower that was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Chico, California. The company has gained a strong reputation in the industry and has successfully catered to both domestic and export markets.

With 10,000 acres of almond orchards, the company has established itself as a major player in the almond-growing industry.

In terms of financials, the company has achieved significant success, with an annual revenue of $30 million and a net income of $7 million.

This indicates that the Chico Nut Company has not only established a strong presence in the market but has also managed to maintain a profitable business model. This shows that almond farming can be a profitable business, both in the current and in the future.

The company's extensive almond orchards and its strategic location in Chico, California, which is known for its ideal climate for almond cultivation, have likely contributed to its success.

Additionally, the company's ability to effectively serve both domestic and export markets demonstrates its strong business acumen and ability to meet the demands of a diverse customer base.

The company also employs a diverse workforce with expertise in agriculture, horticulture, logistics, and other relevant fields to support its operations and ensure the success of its business.

The Nunes Company practices modern techniques for superior almond harvest

The Nunes Company, one of the largest almond growers in California, has a rich history that goes back decades. Established in 1976 by Tom Nunes Sr., this family-owned and operated business has grown to be a significant player in the almond industry.

In recent years, the company experienced substantial growth and diversified its operations. Today, you'll find them not only cultivating delicious almonds, but also involved in processing, marketing, and exporting their product.

Here are some quick facts about them:

  • Founded in 1976 by Tom Nunes Sr.
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Committed to quality and innovation
  • Invests in state-of-the-art technology
  • Practices sustainable farming

Buchanan Hollow Nut Company cultivates premium quality almonds

Founded in the 1980s by Sharleen Robson, Buchanan Hollow Nut Company started as a humble operation in her home kitchen. Today, it stands as one of the 21 largest almond growers in California.

Armed with a friendly and inviting attitude, Sharleen took great pride in providing personal farm tours and special treatment to visitors. Let's take a look at some of their key facts:

  • Established in the 1980s
  • Family-owned for over 44 years
  • Practices organic and sustainable farming

Dedicated to offering the best quality organic pistachios, Buchanan Hollow Nut has a vertically integrated operation from start to finish. This approach ensures optimal control over every step of the process, translating to higher-quality products for you and your loved ones.

You'll find their cultivation right in the heart of California's fertile San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys, where more than half a million acres of almonds grow across 400 miles. It's in these ideal conditions that Buchanan Hollow Nut Company cultivates its premium almonds.

Travaille & Phippen Inc. are committed to excellent almond cultivation

Established as a family-owned operation, this company has become a prominent name in the almond industry in California.

When you think about the quality and safety of almonds, Travaille & Phippen take it seriously. They're Global Food Safety Initiative certified, ensuring that the almonds you consume are safe and high-quality.

Not only do they have Non-pareil, California, and Mission almond types, but they also process over 11 varieties of almonds.

Over the years, Travaille & Phippen has expanded from hulling their almonds on North Ripon Road to setting up a state-of-the-art hulling operation on Graves Road, led by Bud Travaille, David Phippen, and Scott Phippen.

Gold Hills Nut Company Inc. is dedicated to quality almond production

Established in 1989, this company has a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that you receive premium almonds while supporting responsible farming practices.

Gold Hills Nut Company operates in the heart of the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys, where over half a million acres are dedicated to almond cultivation.

This region stretches 400 miles between Bakersfield and Red Bluff, making it an ideal location for producing some of the world's finest almonds. They offer a diverse selection of almond varieties, such as:

  • Nonpareil: Known for their superior taste and appearance.
  • Carmel: Recognized for their attractive, light-colored, and slightly wrinkled shells.
  • Butte: A popular choice for snacking and baking, with a firm texture and rich flavor.
  • Peerless: A versatile nut often used in various recipes, thanks to its excellent taste and texture.

One notable aspect of Gold Hills Nut Company's operations is its commitment to using the latest agricultural technologies. By continuously seeking improved methods and equipment, they can provide their growers with the resources necessary to produce the highest quality almonds possible.

P-R Farms Inc. is focused on sustainable almond farming techniques

Located in the heart of the agriculturally rich Central San Joaquin Valley of California, P-R Farms Inc. is a highly diversified farming operation that has been growing, harvesting, and shipping almonds for nearly sixty years.

As a member of the Almond Board of California, P-R Farms Inc. abides by sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly grower practices.

You'll appreciate how the farm takes responsibility for everything, from growing to packing and shipping, ensuring top-quality tree nuts worldwide.

Carriere Family Farms has a legacy in terms of almond growing

Founded in 1890, Carriere Family Farms has a long and cherished history in the almond farming industry. Their operation spans multiple generations, with a strong emphasis on family values and traditions.

Over the years, their hard work has allowed the business to grow, but their commitment to producing high-quality almonds has never wavered.

Currently, Carriere Family Farms has partnerships with other local almond growers in California, and it is part of a community focused on sustainability efforts for the environment. Noteworthy attributes of Carriere Family Farms include:

  • A focus on family values and traditions
  • Continuous efforts to improve sustainability and environmental practices
  • A strong commitment to providing the highest quality almonds

Stewart & Jasper Orchards blends tradition with innovation in almond farming

Founded in 1948, this family-owned business has been dedicated to producing high-quality almonds for over 70 years.

At Stewart & Jasper, they implement modern approaches to almond farming, ensuring their orchards remain healthy and productive.

In addition, their advanced irrigation technology helps to combat the challenges that California faces, such as droughts. In line with this, California remains the top producer of almonds, with estimated yields per acre of around 2, 270 pounds.

The company offers a wide range of almond products, from whole nuts to almond butter. If you're a die-hard almonds fan, perhaps consider trying their popular roasted-shelled almonds.

Some other noteworthy aspects of Stewart & Jasper Orchards include:

  • Innovative almond harvesting techniques
  • Focus on producing a variety of almond products
  • Dedication to supporting their local community

Fisher Nut Company elevates the almond cultivation standards

Established in 1920, this family-owned business has been delivering high-quality almonds for over a century. In 2023, Fisher Nut Company continues to strengthen its position in the almond industry with its state-of-the-art processing facility in Modesto, California.

This facility is supported by advanced technologies that help ensure optimal quality and food safety. Being a trusted name, you can find their almonds used in various products, such as baking ingredients, snacks, and chocolates.

Some notable accomplishments of Fisher Nut Company include:

  • Sustainable practices: They are devoted to responsible water usage and reducing carbon footprint, in alignment with the California Almond Sustainability Program.

  • Quality control: Fisher Nut is known for its rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that you receive almonds that meet the highest standards.

  • Certifications: Adhering to industry regulations and best practices, the company has acquired certifications like BRC (British Retail Consortium) for food safety, kosher, organic, and gluten-free.

Treehouse Almonds crafts almonds with passion and precision

Treehouse Almonds is a leading almond ingredient supplier in California, known for its superior-quality almond products. They are continually evolving to ensure that their almonds are processed safely and responsibly.

As of January 2023, Treehouse's season-to-date crop receipts sit at 2,376.4 million pounds compared to the previous year's 2,656.87 million pounds, resulting in a difference of 280.5 million pounds. Their notable product offerings include:

  • Whole Almonds: Ideal for snacking, baking, and cooking
  • Almond Pieces: Perfect for topping salads, yogurts, and other dishes
  • Almond Flour: A gluten-free alternative to wheat flour for baking
  • Almond Butter: An excellent addition to smoothies, sandwiches, and spreads
  • Almond Oil: Popularly used in cooking, skincare, and hair care

Harris Farms Inc. grows almonds with a commitment to the community

With over 200 farms and farmers in its network, Harris Farms Inc. has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality almonds.

Harris Farms Inc. has a rich history of more than 30 years, founded by dedicated almond growers. Since then, their focus has been on consistently delivering top-notch almonds while maintaining a friendly and customer-centric approach.

This commitment can be seen in their participation in the online CASP platform—a testament to their dedication to the almond industry and community in California.

They offer a range of almond products they offer— from whole almonds to value-added products and more. Their attention to product quality and continuous improvement has earned them a well-deserved reputation in the industry.

Borges USA - Star Fine Foods elevates almond cultivation practices

Borges USA is a renowned company that specializes in producing and distributing a variety of fine foods, including almonds. As part of the Borges USA family, Star Fine Foods is one of the largest almond growers in California.

When it comes to growing almonds, Star Fine Foods takes great care to ensure the quality of its products. They implement environmentally friendly farming practices, resulting in a sustainable supply of almonds.

Star Fine Foods is not just limited to growing almonds—the company is also involved in processing and packing them for clients around the globe. Their operations have led them to be a leader in the almond industry, where they are recognized for their high-quality products.

In addition to almonds, Borges USA is also known for producing a variety of other fine foods, such as olive oil and vinegar.

Mariani Nut Company nurtures almonds for superior quality

Mariani Nut Company, one of the world's largest privately held growers and processors of walnuts and almonds, has been a leader in California's nut industry for over 50 years.

Their commitment to providing farm-fresh almonds and walnuts to consumers across the globe has allowed them to maintain a strong presence in the industry. Here's a snapshot of the company's achievements:

  • Industry leader: One of the largest privately held walnut and almond processors in the world
  • Experience: Over 50 years in the business
  • Product range: Natural almonds, seasoned almonds, Marcona almonds, and more
  • Dedicated to quality: Commitment to providing farm-fresh almonds with the highest quality standards

Oliver Almond Company cultivates almonds with precision and pride

The Oliver Almond Company has made a significant impact on the California almond industry in 2023. Their almond varieties include Nonpareil, Carmel, and Monterey, ensuring a diverse array of flavors and uses for their customers.

To maintain their high standards, the Oliver Almond Company employs various farming techniques. These include drip irrigation systems, which conserve water while providing optimal hydration to each tree, and integrated pest management practices that use natural predators to keep harmful pests at bay.

Some quick facts about the Oliver Almond company include:

  • Owned and operated by the Oliver family since 1980
  • Over 2,000 acres of almond orchards
  • Proudly follows sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • An active member in various almond industry associations

Alldrin Brothers Almonds combines tradition and innovation in almond farming

Alldrin Brothers is a family-owned almond producer based in Oakdale, California. They take pride in their fourth-generation family orchards and are known for providing high-quality almonds to consumers.

Some reasons that make the company stand out include:

  • Their long-lasting family tradition of growing almonds ensures a deep knowledge of the processes involved.
  • Their attention to detail guarantees the consistent quality of their products.
  • Their environmentally conscious approach to farming promotes sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

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