How Much Does a Macadamia Tree Cost? (2024 Price)

In 2024, the pricing landscape of macadamia trees primarily depends on two factors: size and variety. Some specialized varieties of macadamia may carry a higher price due to their unique characteristics or increased nut yield. In this article, we'll find out how much the current cost of macadamia trees is.

A young macadamia tree typically ranges between $20 and $30, allowing for a budget-friendly start to your nut-growing journey. If you're looking to bypass the early stages of growth, a mature macadamia tree, which can offer the joy of harvesting nuts much sooner, can cost upwards of $200.

When you're looking to buy a macadamia tree, you have several options to consider, from local nurseries to online retailers and agricultural events. Let's take a closer look at each of these options so you can decide where to buy the best macadamia seedlings.

Being aware of these upfront costs per tree is crucial when budgeting and planning for starting up a new macadamia orchard.


  • Macadamia varieties such as Beaumont, A4, 344, and 246 command different price ranges due to their unique attributes, including high-quality nuts, consistent yield, adaptability, and disease resistance
  • Young macadamia trees are more affordable due to lower production costs, faster growth, greater demand, and increased accessibility, making them an accessible option for starting a grove or garden.
  • Mature macadamia trees command higher prices due to the significant investment of time and care required for nurturing, potential cost variations based on tree variety, and scarcity in the market driving up their prices.

Price Range for Different Macadamia Tree Variety

The table below shows the average price range for different varieties of macadamia trees:

Macadamia Tree Variety Average Price Range (per tree)
Beaumont $30 - $50
A4 $40 - $60
344 $35 - $55
246 $45 - $65

Price of the Beaumont macadamia tree

The Beaumont macadamia variety is priced at $30 - $50 per tree due to several factors that contribute to its market value:

Firstly, the Beaumont variety is known to produce large, high-quality nuts, which are favored for their rich flavor and high oil content. This makes it a desirable choice for commercial macadamia nut production, driving up the demand for Beaumont trees.

Additionally, it is recognized for its consistent and reliable yields, making it an attractive investment for macadamia farmers. Its productivity and relatively low maintenance requirements contribute to its appeal, further influencing its price range.

Furthermore, the Beaumont variety is renowned for its adaptability to various growing conditions, including different soil types and climates. This versatility makes it a sought-after choice for macadamia orchards in diverse regions, adding to its value.

Price of the A4 macadamia variety

The pricing of the macadamia tree variety A4 at a higher range of $40 - $60 per tree can be attributed to several factors:

Firstly, the A4 variety may have specific characteristics that make it more desirable or valuable compared to other macadamia tree varieties. This could include attributes such as higher nut yield, better disease resistance, improved nut quality, or suitability for specific growing conditions.

Additionally, this variety may have undergone extensive research and development, resulting in a more robust and productive tree. This could involve investments in breeding programs, cultivation techniques, and genetic improvements to enhance the tree's overall performance and yield.

Furthermore, the higher price may also reflect the scarcity of the A4 variety. The supply may be constrained if it is a relatively rare or limited cultivar, leading to a premium price for each tree.

Moreover, the reputation and track record of the A4 variety in commercial macadamia farming may contribute to its higher price.

Price of the 344 variety

The 344 variety is known for producing nuts with excellent flavor, texture, and size, which are highly sought after in the market. These qualities make it a preferred choice for consumers and commercial buyers, leading to higher demand and consequently higher prices.

Additionally, this variety is prized for its high yield potential. It is known to be a prolific bearer, consistently producing a significant quantity of high-quality nuts.

This productivity makes it an attractive option for commercial growers looking to maximize their harvest and profitability, further contributing to its premium pricing.

Furthermore, the 344 variety is valued for its adaptability and resilience. It is well-suited to a range of growing conditions and exhibits good disease resistance, making it a reliable and low-maintenance choice for farmers.

Price of the 246 macadamia tree variety

The macadamia variety 246 is known for its superior nut quality, including larger and more flavorful nuts. This makes it a preferred choice for consumers and manufacturers, leading to higher demand and subsequently higher prices.

Additionally, it is often recognized for its higher yield potential compared to other macadamia varieties. This means that a single tree of variety 246 can produce a greater quantity of nuts, making it more economically valuable to growers and investors.

Furthermore, the tree's adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions and climates contributes to its desirability. This versatility can result in higher productivity and lower maintenance costs, further enhancing the economic appeal of variety 246.

The reputation and track record of variety 246 regarding disease resistance and overall tree health also play a role in its higher price point. Growers are often willing to invest more in a variety that has demonstrated resilience and reliability, leading to increased market value.

Both 246 and 344 varieties are considered one of the best macadamia varieties. To know why, you can read this article.

Price Range Based on the Age of the Macadamia Tree

When you're looking into the cost of macadamia trees, the price can vary depending on several factors, such as the age and size of the tree.

Tree Age Tree Size (feet) Estimated Price (In USD)
Young 1-10 $20 to $30
Mature 11-20 $150 to 200

Young macadamia trees can be quite affordable

In 2024, you might expect to pay between $20 and $30 for one macadamia tree. This price makes starting your grove or adding to your garden an accessible option. Young macadamia trees are more affordable for several reasons:

They require lower production costs

Young macadamia trees are less expensive because they have not yet reached maturity and therefore require fewer resources and maintenance. This means that the cost of production for nurseries and growers is lower, leading to a more affordable price for consumers.

They grow faster

Young macadamia trees have the potential to grow quickly compared to older, more established trees. This means that nurseries can produce a larger number of young trees in a shorter amount of time, increasing supply and driving down the cost per tree.

There's a greater demand for young trees

As the popularity of macadamia nuts and trees continues to grow, there is a higher demand for young macadamia trees. This increased demand can lead to economies of scale, allowing nurseries to lower the price of young trees to attract more customers.

They are more accessible

The affordability of young macadamia trees makes it easier for hobbyists and small-scale growers to start their groves or add to their gardens. This accessibility can help expand the cultivation of macadamia trees and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

Mature macadamia trees require a larger investment

If you're hoping for a mature macadamia tree, the investment is larger due to the time and care it has taken for the tree to reach bearing age. A mature tree could cost you upwards of $200.

Mature macadamia trees command higher prices for several reasons:

It requires investment of time and care

It takes several years of careful nurturing, including regular watering, fertilization, and pest control, to bring a macadamia tree to bear. The manner of caring for your trees contributes to their early maturation and fruiting.

The cost can be influenced by the variety of the tree

Different varieties of macadamia trees may come with varying costs. Rarer or more sought-after types with superior traits such as yield, nut size, and flavor may be priced higher due to their perceived value and potential for greater returns.

The scarcity of mature macadamia trees in the market can also drive up their prices

The limited availability of mature macadamia trees in the market can drive up their prices. Since it takes several years for a macadamia tree to reach maturity, there may be a scarcity of mature trees for sale at any given time, leading to increased demand and higher prices.

Where to Purchase Macadamia Trees

The table below shows the average price of both young and mature macadamia trees that you can purchase from these places:

Local Nurseries Online Retailers Agricultural Exhibitions
Young trees $30-50 $20-40 $25-45
Mature trees $60-100 $50-80 $55-90

Purchasing from local nurseries

At local nurseries, you can find a range of macadamia trees, including young saplings and more mature trees. By purchasing locally, you can often receive tailored advice on the care and suitability of a macadamia tree for your specific location.

Prices can vary but expect to pay between $20 and $30 for a younger tree and up to $200 for a mature one. It's a good idea to call ahead and check the availability of specific varieties, as some may be more expensive than others.

Buying from online retailers

Alternatively, you can purchase macadamia trees from online retailers, where you can shop a wide selection and sometimes find special deals.

Online shopping allows you to conveniently browse different types of macadamia trees from your home. However, remember to consider shipping costs and plant health guarantees when ordering online.

Acquiring seedlings from agricultural exhibitions

Agricultural exhibitions are unique events where you can purchase macadamia trees directly from growers and experts. Here, you can often discover rare varieties and get firsthand advice.

Prices at these events may vary, so it's beneficial to research the exhibitions beforehand and prepare a budget. Keep an eye on event calendars for exhibitions near you, as these can be seasonal or annual occurrences.

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